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“Can you help me with my presentation?”

You’ve been invited to speak at an event about your successful approach to helping people heal.

That’s so exciting!

And you’re thrilled that you can finally share your knowledge and experience of macrobiotics, Kampo medicine or massage therapy.

You know exactly what you want to tell your listeners.

You’ll describe the background, explain the treatment steps and highlight the cured cases.


Suddenly it sinks in: you’re going to have to do this in English.


Your English is passable, but is it good enough to talk in public?

So now you’re feeling daunted and doubtful.

Have you perhaps bitten off more than you can chew?

When a client’s friend found herself in this predicament, she got in touch.

We did an EPRO Express session where we went through her presentation. I gave her feedback on her speaking and slides. She polished them and practised each one. And then we ran through it all again.

Now her talk had more power and punch.

And she’d gone from alarmed and apprehensive to comfortable and confident.

You can, too.

Need help to get your professional English unstuck? Get in touch.

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