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English Coaching Services

Speak and write with confidence to get your message across clearly

Do clients, patients or colleagues ask you to repeat what you’ve just said?

Are you often lost for words or grammar when talking in English?

Then let’s work together to overcome your pronunciation or speaking challenges at work and in everyday life.

Your speaking + my feedback = clear and concise conversations

Want to ensure your writing is free of waffly words, spelling slip-ups, grammar glitches and punctuation problems?

Then let’s collaborate to make your next text faster to write and easier to read.

I’ve worked with clients on: brochures, ebooks, emails, essays, flyers, letters, newsletters, reports, slides, templates, theses and web copy.

Your writing + my feedback = clear and concise texts

I believe the key to making quicker progress is feedback: corrections, explanations, suggestions and advice about vocabulary, grammar, tone and style.

Email me your questions about working together.

Ready to build your speaking and writing confidence so you can perform to your potential?

I can help you: