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Editorial Services

For your book to elegantly express exactly what you mean

Have you written a book that now needs a thorough check-up?

Want to ensure it’s free of waffly words, spelling slip-ups, grammar glitches and punctuation problems?

I can edit your book so your message comes across smoothly to your readers.

How we work together to improve your book

The first step is to diagnose what kind of editing your book needs.

You email me a 3,000-word sample and I go through it to identify the right treatment for your book.

Does it read well but grammar, punctuation and spelling need attention?

Here I recommend the light tonic of a copyedit, which starts at 2 cents/word.

Or does the book need adjustments to style, word choice and sentence structure to improve clarity and flow?

In that case, I recommend the stronger remedy of a line edit, which starts at 2.5 cents/word.

Both can be combined into a package that starts at 3.5 cents/word.

And all three include two rounds of editing to produce a book that’s a pleasure to read.

Copyediting for memoir

I especially enjoy editing memoirs.

All my life, I’ve been listening to and reading people’s stories:

  • Family members and friends telling of war and migration
  • Expats describing their life abroad
  • Learners charting their study of foreign and heritage languages
  • Travellers recounting their journeys
  • Doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs reflecting on their life’s work

Sharing challenges, struggles and insights to entertain and inspire your readers – be they your family, local community or the wider world – is rewarding.

And if you’re looking for a fulfilling retirement project, how about imparting your experiences and knowledge in a memoir?

I’d love to work with you on your heartfelt stories and help put important parts of your life into words.

Ask me a question

Copyediting for non-native speakers of English

When English is your second or third language, the idea of writing a book can feel overwhelming.

Yet your story is still asking to be shared.

As an experienced English coach, I check your vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are accurate and sound natural so your readers become absorbed in the story.

A lighter copyedit starts at 3 cents/word, a stronger line edit at 3.5 cents/word and a package including both starts at 4 cents/word.

Would you like to make the writing easier?

Here’s how.

You write a chapter and email it to me. I edit it and give you feedback. You use my advice and suggestions to write the next chapter. You email it to me for editing. And we keep going until the book is done.

Collaborating chapter by chapter – via email and video call – we make sure your message is clear and powerful.

Want your book to elegantly express exactly what you mean?

Let’s work together to make it happen.

Email me to get started or ask a question.