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Mentoring for independent language learners

Set up and stick to your language learning project

Whatever your reason for learning a language …

Whether you’re a novice learner or have some experience …

Whatever your age …

Mentoring helps you get the most out of the time you put into learning.

Enabling people to master other languages has been my bliss for nearly 25 years.

I’ve found that focused, fun and flexible work best.

In mentoring sessions, we:

  • discuss why you’re learning this language
  • decide what to learn
  • design a 3F action plan that easily fits into your life
  • determine the best learning strategies, tactics and techniques for you
  • deal with what’s not working for you

I support you with advice, guidance and feedback so you make progress and reach your goal faster.

Just like in the language learning centres I ran in Paris and Wellington, where I helped hundreds of professionals and students speed up their learning of English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese …

“I learnt 1000x more in the Learning Hub than in the normal classes.”
(Carlos from Brazil)

Here’s how I can help you too:

In a 60-minute video call, we set up your personalised action plan using my MORE framework plus schedule a follow-up call to see how you’re going.

$149 NZD (approx as exchange rates change daily: €84, $91)

Email me to jumpstart your language learning journey or ask a question.