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About me

While working in Paris, I always preferred to send an email in French rather than making a call. Talking on the phone was just so scary.

But then I’d still spend too much time writing my emails and feel anxious hitting send.

And if I did have to speak on the phone, I’d prepare what to say and then put off ringing the person for as long as possible.

So I know what it’s like needing to write and speak in another language for work but worrying about it and either not doing something or taking way too long.

That’s why I want to enable you to feel more confident in getting your message across in English and to do so faster and more easily. 

My Business English courses are personalised and collaborative. I believe feedback is key in helping you to write and speak confidently in English to grow your business.

I’ve helped solopreneurs, freelancers and small business owners to build their speaking confidence and speed up their business writing skills. Emailing clients, giving presentations, blogging and writing newsletters are no longer such a big deal.

Coaching professionals, especially in healthcare, to confidently and effectively communicate in English with clients and colleagues at work has been my bliss for 20 years.

Having worked in corporate, language school and university settings in Europe and New Zealand, I started coaching Business English online in 2012 because clients on the move wanted to keep working with me.

And I’d like to help you too get to grips with writing and speaking in English for work so you can perform to your potential.

Let’s talk about how we can collaborate.

Email me to schedule your free discovery call or ask any questions.

I’m a native speaker of English and German plus quite good at French. 

I’ve presented at international conferences and written a chapter on language coaching in a book published by Hong Kong University Press. 

In addition to language coaching, my MA in Applied Linguistics focused on evaluating resources for language learning – which has helped me in learning Polish. Next on the list is Spanish.

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