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Learn by numbers

You’ve perhaps heard of the paint by numbers method to improve picture painting skills. You can also use numbers to boost language learning.

Of course, knowing numbers in your target language is necessary.

(BTW it’s more effective to learn them out of order so when you want to say 8 you don’t first have to run through 1 to 7 in your head.)

But numbers can also help your journey toward fluency.

Here’s how:

  • Do your 1 most valuable activity nearly every day.

  • Research says you need to meet new vocabulary 7 times to recognise its meaning, so practise reading and listening regularly.

  • Create a 5-a-daymenu to have a balanced mix of learning activities.

  • Snowball to success by setting yourself a 21-day challenge.

  • Work in 12-week spurts so you include time to revise what you’ve learnt.

  • The 3 ways to keep going: make your learning focused, fun and flexible.

  • At the end of the week, give yourself a score out of 10 to indicate how well you’ve kept to your action plan.

Refer to this list of number prompts whenever you need to kickstart your language journey.

Need a hand to set up and stick to your DIY language project? I can help.

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