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Why being a reluctant writer in English is actually an advantage

Are you dilly-dallying?

You know that writing in English for your business would mean reaching more people, but you’re not doing it.

You’re delaying, dawdling, dragging your heels.


Do you feel that you can’t say exactly what you mean? That you make too many mistakes? That your writing isn’t good enough?

No problem.

Because being a reluctant writer in English probably also means that you’re a careful writer and are willing to improve.

And you can start slowly to make writing in English easier with the snowball strategy.

Engage the snowball effect

Speedwriting is a painless way to build up your skills and confidence.

Every day choose a topic, such as “my favourite client” or “the best part of my work is”. Jot down some key words, then write non-stop for a set time. When time is up, count the number of words. Now you can check vocabulary and grammar – see here for more guidance.

Snowball by writing for 5 minutes the first week, in the second week aim for 7 minutes, then 11 minutes in the third week, and so on. After 6 weeks – when you can write for 17 minutes – you’ll see how writing in English has become easier.

Don’t know what to write about? Email me for a list of topics.

Snowballing also helps you to:

Develop good habits

It’s worthwhile getting into good writing habits from the beginning:

And writing becomes even easier with support and feedback.

So snowball your way to writing confidently in English.

Got any questions? Email me and I’ll be happy to help.

© Christina Wielgolawski