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5 more ways to get your 5 a day

Looking for effective exercises to energise your English?

Fitting in 5 a day is an easy way to ensure you’re making steady progress.

I explain how 5 a day works here.

And here are 5 more techniques to try:

  • double translate a short text
  • subscribe to an email newsletter – Artips gives me doses of art in French 3 times a week
  • revise your paper or digital flash cards
  • use apps like Duolingua, Memrise or Mango
  • script dialogues for conversations you need to practise

For a balanced language training diet, choose between focused and fun activities plus short and longer ones.

You’ll soon find that regular 5 a day is an effective way to energise your English.

Need help creating your menu for 5 a day? Ask me.

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