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5 questions for a health professional about writing in English

What do health professionals say about writing in English when it’s not their first language?

Cécile is a massage therapist in France who wants to upgrade her English skills to improve future opportunities.

  1. How do you feel about writing in English?
    Very difficult. I never liked it. So I’m surprised that it’s getting easier.

  2. What’s the hardest thing about writing in English?
    There are too many things to think about like the right word and the right tense.

  3. How do you overcome this?
    My colleague told me about speedwriting. I just have to write for 5 minutes and count my words. That doesn’t sound so bad. After 21 days I went from 73 words to 95 words. My coach’s corrections and explanations help me to write better next time.

  4. What are your writing goals?
    The next goal is 125 words.

  5. What’s your advice for others who need to write in English?
    I like to work on what is useful for me and see my progress. So speedwriting is very motivating.

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