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Write and speak confidently to get your message across

Would you like to lift your English skills and perform to your potential at work?

Do you need to write better emails, blog posts, newsletters or reports?

Do you want your conversations with clients and colleagues to flow more smoothly?

Then let’s collaborate to improve your communication skills in English so you can easily, quickly and clearly write and say what you mean.

In my EPRO English for Professionals courses you’ll get to grips with how to make your writing and speaking more professional and natural.

We focus on exactly what you need to do at work, not generic exercises.

Your tasks + my feedback = confident, professional English

I believe feedback is key in making faster progress. 

My feedback encompasses corrections, explanations, suggestions and advice on pronunciation, structure, word choice and grammar as well as communication styles and cultural differences.

After an EPRO coaching session you’ll receive an email summarising the key points we’ve gone over.

Are you ready to jumpstart your English and become better than good enough?

Email me your questions about collaborating to build your Business English confidence and performance.

Ready to get started?

Ask your vexing questions and get fast answers to boost your professional English with 1 month of EPRO Email Coaching.

Serious about improving your English for work?

Tackle your most pressing problem in speaking or writing English in 2 hours with EPRO Express Coaching.

Committed to mastering your English for work?

Lift your professional English in 5 simple steps over 12 weeks with EPRO Elevator Coaching.

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