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5 questions for a health professional about speaking in English

What do health pros say about speaking in English when it’s not their first language?

Petra is from Norway and got her nursing registration last year. She’s now working as a school nurse and needs to talk to groups of students about hygiene and health.

  1. How do you feel about speaking in English?
    The teenagers are friendly and funny. I enjoy talking to 1 or 2 or 3 of them and I’m learning so many new expressions.

  2. What’s the hardest thing about speaking in English?
    Having to talk in front of a group in English freaks me out.

  3. How do you overcome this?
    I did an EPRO Express and got lots of helpful hints and ideas about preparing and giving my talks.

  4. What are your speaking goals?
    Not getting worked up before talking to groups and preparing my talks faster.

  5. What’s your advice for others who need to speak in English?
    Get help from someone who can give you feedback and tips about how to improve. It’s really worth the time and money.

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