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You’ve got feedback. Now what?

I believe feedback is key to speeding up progress.

Getting pointers on where your fingering is going wrong when playing the flute or how you can hit a better backhand in tennis will enhance your performance.

The same goes when energising your English.

But once you’ve got feedback, how can you use it effectively?

Let’s start with something simple: you keep forgetting the second as in the fixed expression as soon as.

You could:

Keep an eye and an ear out for as soon as when you’re reading or listening.

Make up 3 catchphrases with as soon as that are funny or relevant to you and add them to your flashcards, paper or app.

Express write for 5 minutes and use as soon as 5 times.

Do a 3–2–1 and when listening to the recordings, check you’ve said the second as.

Make sure you use as soon as 5 times every day for a week when speaking.

Getting feedback is valuable – but then you have to use it.

Which suggestion are you going to try?

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© Christina Wielgolawski