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How to learn faster so you can perform better

You can learn a lot from YouTube videos.

My cousin is a bookbinder who gives workshops. Several of her students have already picked up some bookbinding basics from YouTube.

Yet the feedback they get in her studio helps them to make real progress creating their books.

My friend is a trained and experienced musician who’s now learning the harp. YouTube tutorials have been useful. But she’s opted to get some lessons to improve her playing.

What she wants is feedback on where she’s going wrong and what she could do better.

Could feedback also boost your English communication skills?

An archaeologist was due to give a talk to her daughter’s class. Her professional archaeology vocabulary is fine. But how to explain things in everyday language that 7-year-olds can understand?

In an EPRO Express session we went through her talk. We made changes to expressions and structures to make her sound less formal, like replacing excavate with dig up.

She quickly adjusted her message to suit her audience.

A general practitioner (primary care physician) was worried about being too direct when speaking with her patients.

We roleplayed consultations with cooperative and challenging patients in an EPRO Express session. I gave her pointers on softening instructions and politely checking that patients understood her explanations and advice.

She can now hit the right tone with her patients.

Getting expert feedback can swiftly iron out problems in conversations and presentations with clients and colleagues.

Give your English communication skills a shot in the arm with EPRO Express.

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