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Why aren’t you writing more in English?

What are your reasons for not writing more in English?

Here are the top 3 feeble excuses I hear.

1. There’s no point as my English will never get better.

You’ve been learning English forever and writing is still hard. You can work step by step to make small but steady improvements.

Here’s how the snowball effect can make a difference.

2. I need to improve grammar and that’s so boring.

You’ve already learnt a lot of grammar that is currently “sleeping”. What you need to do now is wake it up by using it in meaningful ways.

You can find out how to make progress in English without grammar books in this post.

3. I don’t have an hour a day to spend learning English.

And that’s ok because short but regular sessions are fine. It also helps to mix up serious with fun stuff.

This post has some suggestions.

So please don’t give up.

You can overcome these obstacles.

Do you need help? Email me your question.

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