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This 3-step combo will boost your fluency

Do you want to improve talking or writing about a particular topic or situation?

Like giving feedback at work, chatting about a movie with a friend, writing online reviews about books or accommodation.

Here’s a 3-step approach to help you perform better and feel more confident.

  1. Start with mindmapping words on the topic. Include not just verbs and nouns but also useful phrases. You’ll revise the vocabulary you know and find the gaps you need to fill.

  2. On another day, do 5-minute writing. Imagine that situation and write about it nonstop for 5 minutes. You could write the dialogue of the conversation or a description of what happened. Don’t stop to check vocabulary or grammar – you’re focusing on getting fluent. Once the 5 minutes are up, go over your text to see what you struggled with.

  3. Another time, do 3-2-1 speaking. You can play both roles in the conversation or pretend to tell someone about what happened. When you listen to the recordings, notice where you hesitated or goofed. Pick a point to improve in the next round.

Space these 3 tasks out over a week and you’ll see it’s becoming easier and faster to communicate your message.

And next week, you can work on another topic or situation to improve your fluency.

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