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Learning a language in later life

Is it possible to learn a language when you’re older?

Yes, it is!

Younger people may be quicker at picking up and remembering new words, phrases and grammar.

But often older people:

  • are highly motivated

  • recognise patterns based on their previous knowledge

  • are experienced and patient communicators

  • are aware of their preferred learning styles

  • have more time and resources to commit to language learning

I’ve mentored people in later life who are now successfully learning French, English, te reo Māori and German

Retirees like Maud.

And also Keiko, JanetDon and Lisa, who describe the challenges, the goals and the progress they’re making.

Learning another language is an opportunity for people in later life to prove to themselves – and their families – that they’re still capable of getting to grips with something new.

With encouragement and support plus some tips, tricks and techniques, it’s possible to improve at any age.

I believe it’s never too late.

Need a hand to set up and stick to your DIY language project? I can help.

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