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KISS+1 for Business English training

Here’s some advice on how to keep your training sessions short and simple plus stimulating.

We talked earlier about changing your mindset and using MORE to help upgrade your Business English. The E in MORE stands for enjoyable and one way of ensuring the training stays fun is to prepare and plan a menu of activities on a weekly basis.

Your menu needs to cover your current priorities (listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar) and it also needs to balance activities focused on accuracy with activities focused on fluency.

This means doing some intensive training, where you're concentrating on pronouncing or writing meeting minutes correctly, understanding all of a TED talk or a business news article, analysing phrasal verbs or learning a grammar structure.

In addition, you need to do extensive training, such as rehearsing your presentation or Speedwriting, watching a film or reading a book, brainstorming vocabulary on a topic or turning a meeting transcript into reported speech.

Every week I do a quick preview and review of my own language training and I've adapted the framework I use to Business English so you can do the same. Suggested activities for both accuracy and fluency are included.

Email me for a copy of the framework, as I'd love to help you reach your goal of performing better in English at work. And for more advice on training efficiently and effectively, subscribe to The Trunk.

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