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Use MORE to upgrade to the next level

One day we realise that our good enough English could be better, or in fact needs to be better to improve our performance at work. MORE can help us to reach our goal. Use MORE to upgrade to the next level.

Starting out learning a language can be fun and fulfilling as we make good progress and see results quickly. At some stage – if we've persevered – our language ability is good enough to do what we need to do most days.

But then one day we realise that good enough could be better or in fact needs to be better in order to:

  • make a good impression on clients and senior management
  • get that promotion
  • move from a temporary to a permanent position
  • get that dream job

The time has come to upgrade to the next level of competence, comfort and confidence in Business English. So we go back to the old methods, but this time the results are not as easy to notice as before and we get more and more frustrated at being stuck on a plateau.

To get off the plateau and move further up the mountain, we need to muster motivation to get going again and to keep going, even when it feels like we're taking one step forward and falling two steps backwards.

How to get over this? We can start with a new mindset and by using MORE to frame the why, what, when and how so that we can MORE easily reach our goal of performing better in English at work.

stands for motivation – why is it worthwhile making the effort and what are we going to gain from it? Some examples are listed above.

O stands for objectives – what exactly do we need to work on? For instance, do we need to widen vocabulary in a certain area, improve listening in meetings or get better at small talk?

stands for regular – when are we going to do it? Scheduling shorter but more frequent training sessions on the calendar can make it easier to keep going.

stands for enjoyable – how are we going to do it? Preparing and planning a menu of activities that are quick, useful and fun is an effective way of making sure we keep going.

Are you feeling frustrated knowing you could do better? Do you need a guide to lead you off the plateau and up the mountain? As a language coach, I can help you work out your training programme, make an action plan and support you during your training.

© 2015 Christina Wielgolawski