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Are you getting your 5 a day?

Nutrition advice also works for training your English skills.

We’re told it’s important to eat at least 5 different vegetables a day plus some fruit.

I use the same approach to training my French.

Spread throughout the day, I try to do at least 5 activities in French.

Here’s my menu:

  • active copying
  • speedwriting
  • creating a haiku
  • straightening out a grammar mistake I make all the time
  • checking the difference between words I keep confusing
  • doing 3-2-1 speaking
  • trying a crossword
  • playing solo Scrabble on my iPad
  • listening to the 5-minute Les livres ont la parole podcast
  • watching Netflix, such as Lupin, Call My Agent and Marseille
  • reading a book, currently it’s Le vol de la Joconde

You can see it includes both focused and fun stuff.

Some take a few minutes while others take as long as I want.

I can do them at home, on the bus, waiting for an appointment.

And it’s painless, personalised and productive.

How about you?

Could you fit in 5 a day for your English?

Need help creating your menu? Ask me.

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