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Top tip to enhance listening, easily

Need to boost your English listening skills and don’t have much time?

I can’t remember how I came across the Nutrition Diva podcasts, but for several years I’ve been learning lots of useful information about food and eating well from Monica.

And ever since, I’ve been recommending the Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts on everyday topics such as nutrition, fitness, relationships, grammar, money and more to clients who need to practise listening.

These weekly podcasts are short and for the general public. So the speaking pace is normal, which is just what you want at your level.

You’ll hear common expressions to grow your vocabulary, with the bonus that many podcasts have a transcript. This can really help.

Ways to use podcasts

Choose a topic that interests you.

Listen to the audio, listen and read the transcript, check out any new expressions, and listen again. Finally, you can listen and read aloud along with the speaker to improve your pronunciation and rhythm.

This recommendation isn’t sponsored or an affiliate. I just want to let you know about this great resource to train your listening skills.

Try out these podcasts, find one or two that suit you and improve your listening in English, easily.

And see here for more listening suggestions.

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