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5 questions for a health professional about writing in English

What do health professionals say about writing in English when it’s not their first language?

Som is a massage therapist from Thailand who needs to write emails for work. 

  1. How do you feel about writing in English?
    It’s something I have to do, but I don’t like it. 

  2. What’s the hardest thing about writing in English?
    I make so many silly mistakes. And I make the same mistakes again and again. That’s very embarrassing.

  3. How do you overcome this?
    I’ve learnt I have to make time to check my writing. I leave the draft for a while and then check it at least two times. That helps me find my silly mistakes.

  4. What are your writing goals?
    I want to stop making silly mistakes all the time and write better English.

  5. What’s your advice for others who need to write in English?
    It’s very hard but keep trying. My writing coach encourages me to keep going and now I can see some progress, which makes me feel more confident.

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