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If elephants could write, they'd use their trunks. The Trunk is a collection of articles with advice on language, learning and communicating better in English at work.



How an elephant can lead you to mastery in English

When you’re ready to move from good enough English to mastery, an elephant can guide you.[more]

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Had enough of good enough English?

Good enough means you can do what you have to do in English.[more]

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6 words from my mentor that encouraged his students and me

My mentor passed away three years ago, but six words still resonate.[more]

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Is it so funny or such funny? (And a simple trick to easily remember)

When you can’t recall the difference between common confusing pairs, your writing and speaking slow down. [more]

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Don’t forget to appreciate how far your writing in English has come

Sometimes writing in English can feel like one step forward and two steps back.[more]

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3 ways to give advice – politely

When someone has a problem or worry, how can you politely give the person some advice?[more]

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5 questions about writing in English

What do people say about writing in English when it’s not their first language?[more]

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Is it efficient or effective? Just use TV

When you’re sick, all you want is an efficient way to get an effective cure.[more]

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How to handle those pesky tiny words (Part 2)

Did you know there’s a rule in English that’s always true?[more]

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How to handle those pesky tiny words (Part 1)

Is it Congratulations FOR your new job or Congratulations ON your new job?[more]

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Getting used to using used to

The different forms of "used to" can be confusing. They can cover the past or now or a change.[more]

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Why being a reluctant writer in English is actually an advantage

Are you dilly-dallying?[more]

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How to get your English unstuck (without grammar books)

Tell me whether this sounds familiar …[more]

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As or like? Chocolate helps with another common confusion

People often trip up when it comes to using “as” versus “like”, so here are a couple of tips for you.[more]

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The #1 way to fast-track your English writing skills (painlessly)

Are you curious about the quickest way to improve your English writing skills?[more]

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Crank up vocabulary learning with flash cards (Part 2)

Still thinking about trying flash cards, but not keen on making paper cards?[more]

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Crank up vocabulary learning with flash cards (Part 1)

Do you find picking up new words and phrases is easy but remembering them is hard?[more]

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4 simple steps to boost your English vocabulary (in 17 minutes a day)

Has this happened to you, too?[more]

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How to polish your proofreading in 5 simple steps

Finally finished writing your email and checked that it all makes sense? Don’t hit send before you’ve proofread it.[more]

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