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Why an elephant?

Clients often tell me how much they like the elephant on my website and business card, and then ask why I chose an elephant.

Elephants have always been my favourite animal. Since childhood I’ve collected over 100 ranging in size from tiny to knee-high and made of all kinds of materials. I have sleek wooden and sandstone elephants from Africa, highly decorated ones from India and beautifully carved ones from Southeast Asia. I have jade elephants from China as well as amber, glass, porcelain and silver ones from Europe plus a lapis lazuli elephant from South America and bone carvings from New Zealand.

It’s not just the majestic beauty of elephants that impresses me but also their close-knit social ties. For me, elephants symbolise connecting and interacting. And being able to communicate comfortably is what I believe language learning is all about.

Elephants also have a reputation for having good memories, which comes in handy for language learning too. That shouldn't only mean memorising individual words but also useful expressions and patterns.

As a child I couldn’t pronounce “elephant” and instead said “ebla”, hence this website's name and the tagline “Enabling Better Linguistic Achievement”. 

My purpose is to enable you to confidently and effectively communicate in English with your clients and colleagues.

So that's the story of why an elephant.

© Christina Wielgolawski