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Pesky Points Part 3

Have you been using this power tool to its potential to advance your English skills?

I’m talking about taking the time to go back over what you’ve been learning.

Reviewing, revising, revisiting.

That’s how you make stuff stick.

Where could you start?

Well, are any of these common confusions posing problems for you?

1. remember vs remind

2. speak vs talk vs say vs tell

3. some vs any

4. take vs bring

5. convince vs persuade

And to conquer such conundrums, create catchphrases.

Personalised phrases to make patterns easier to recall.

If you keep forgetting the second as in as soon as, you could memorise: as soon as I win Lotto.

But being more personal, like as soon as I buy my boat or as soon as I write my book, will probably stick better.

So, review, revise, revisit. And create catchphrases.

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© Christina Wielgolawski