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My 4F approach to coaching English for professionals

Here are 4 principles that guide me.

  1. I focus on your needs and wants.
    Not one size fits all, but what you need to work on right now. That could be pronunciation, a presentation or a project report.
  2. I do my best to be flexible.
    Maybe you do shift work or you have an urgent deadline. Our scheduling can fit around whatever comes up.
  3. I believe learning should be fun.
    Life is stressful enough. Why not relax into learning with interesting topics and enjoyable tasks?
  4. I’ve found that feedback fuels progress.
    Targeted feedback from an expert can speed up the learning process, as I explain here.

My coaching = focused + flexible + fun + feedback to ensure your English communication skills keep improving.

How can I help you get your message across in professional English?

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