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Is it so funny or such funny? (And a simple trick to easily remember)

When you can’t recall the difference between common confusing pairs, your writing and speaking slow down.

So it pays getting to grips with persistent problems.

Something that happens a lot is muddling up so and such.

It’s so cold.

It’s such a cold day.

These examples show that so goes with an adjective and such is followed by a noun (even if there is something in the middle).

Here are some more:

I’m so hungry.

He’s so fit.

She’s so much friendlier than her sister.

They’re so very worried.

This is just so strange.


I’m such a bad cook.

He’s such a laugh.

She’s such a wonderful doctor.

It’s such an amazing film.

They’re such great friends.

Making it:

This is so funny.

This is such fun.

How to remember the difference?

Think of oo and uu:

This chocolate tastes so good, which is such a surprise.

You can find more common confusions herehereherehere and here.

What are you mixing up? Ask me so I can help.

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