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Feel the fear and write in English anyway

Feeling fearful, anxious or hesitant about writing in English?

Feeling fearful, anxious or hesitant about writing in English?

Don’t let fear hold you back from moving down the path toward your goals.

Like social media and me. I knew I had to do it, but still I kept finding excuses and procrastinating. Again and again. I wasn’t sure how to get started and worried about making mistakes or doing something dumb.

What I also noticed is that the fear changes from day to day.

Some days it’s huge and it feels like it’ll always be impossible to do this. Other days it feels like just maybe I could do this, or at least a little bit. After all, if others can do it, why not me?

I realised it comes down to how important the outcome is. Do I need to do this scary thing to achieve what I really want? Is doing this the cost of reaching my goals?

If so, then it’s time to do something.

And in fact, there’s no need to leap out of our comfort zone by trying something big and radical.

Rather, we can start by just stretching our comfort zone by taking small steps. One step after the other and being curious about what happens.

This year, are you ready to stretch to writing in English to grow your business?

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