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Dream trip delayed? Don’t despair

A friend’s language learning trip to Brazil has been put off.

Naturally, she’s dismayed, disappointed and down in the dumps.

But trying to look on the bright side.

“So now what?”, she asked me.

As my friend already has some basics in Portuguese, we talked about reading simple books or easy news online, listening to podcasts with transcripts and watching videos on YouTube.

Making sure she gets some input most days.

But don’t forget output.

That’s why I also put her onto speedwriting, active copying and an essential speaking tactic.

Regularly doing these short exercises can make the difference between sauntering along and striding forward.

And if my friend wants to make even more headway?

Then she should get feedback on her speaking and writing to speed up her progress.

What about your English?

Are you in the same boat as my friend?

Has your travel to an English-speaking country also gone on hold?

Don’t despair.

Follow this advice and you, too, can still snowball your English skills while waiting for your dream trip.

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