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Do you say what you can or what you want?

Edith Wharton hit the nail on the head.

In her story ‘The Verdict’, she writes: “Don’t you know how, in talking a foreign language, even fluently, one says half the time, not what one wants to, but what one can?

Do you have this feeling, too?

I do.

When I want to give a quick retort in French and can’t. When I want to politely deal with a tricky situation and can’t. When I want to share my ideas about a complicated matter and can’t.

It’s frustrating.

And there’s no quick fix.

But it is fixable.

Even if we don’t have much time.

Continued improvement depends more on how well time is spent than on how much time is spent.

And a little bit done well most days goes a long way towards being able to say and write what you really want in professional English.

If you need some guidance, I can help you. 

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© Christina Wielgolawski