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Do you communicate confidently in professional English?

Can you jump into work conversations at any time and say exactly what you mean with confidence?

That’s not so easy, is it?

Often you have a super idea or spot-on answer.

But by the time you’ve done a mental check of what to say, the conversation has moved on and you’ve missed the moment yet again.

And challenging conversations like giving a patient bad news or disagreeing politely with a senior colleague make you want to run for the hills.

You also know you should write that journal article outlining your improved procedure when dealing with anxious patients, but you don’t believe you can explain it clearly.

This reluctance to share your knowledge means you’re not performing to your potential at work and not progressing your career.

To feel more confident, comfortable and competent communicating in English, you have to pinpoint the problems and sort out solutions.

That’s what we do in EPRO Express.

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