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Could your English benefit from a check-up?

Is it time to take your own medicine?

Health professionals often recommend their patients get regular health checks.

You tell patients that check-ups can detect problems early, raise chances for treatment and cure, limit the risk of complications, provide updates on new information, and reduce costs over time.

Staying on top of your health certainly sounds worthwhile.

Have you thought about doing the same for your professional English?

I know your language skills are good enough.

But if they were even better, your message would come across more clearly, concisely and confidently.

Getting your English checked can detect repeated mistakes, raise chances of overcoming clumsy communication habits, limit common confusions, provide better ways of saying or writing information, and reduce costs over time.

How can you get an English check-up?

I offer a 2-hour EPRO Express session where we focus on your speaking and writing skills. We carry out a realistic and relevant evaluation to identify what’s going well with your professional English and what you could improve. And we come up with a doable action plan.

EPRO Express is like a medical for your professional English.

Ready to get on top of your English communication skills? Email me.

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