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Can you assure me that you’ve ensured to insure your hands?

She’s a gifted surgeon whose skills are in high demand.

And I’m concerned about how she’d make a living if her hands were injured and she couldn’t operate anymore.

So I’m asking for confirmation to make sure she has insurance:

Can you assure me that you’ve ensured to insure your hands?

Assure is to say something convincingly or to reinforce the probability that something is done:

The paediatrician assured the parents that their child’s condition would improve after surgery.

The operation was assured of success because she was the best surgeon in the city.

To make sure something is certain, it’s ensure:

Taking away all the snacks in the room ensured the child couldn’t eat before surgery.

Sometimes insure is also used like that.

But only insure means guaranteeing monetary replacement in case of loss:

The family was insured for both medical and surgical costs.

And happily:

The surgeon had insured her hands for $3,000,000.

More explanations for common confusions are here, here and here.

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