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Are you sick of studying English? Try training rather than studying

When you’ve been learning English for a while, it can become a bit repetitive and tedious. Sometimes a change in mindset can help.

By this I mean thinking about your language learning as training rather than studying, so more like a fitness than a study programme.

First of all, in terms of physical fitness we know that keeping fit is an ongoing process, so it's useful to make our training programme regular and fun. It can be easier to schedule shorter but more frequent training sessions and to know beforehand what we're going to do during those sessions.

This same approach can help with upgrading your Business English. Plan the week ahead and use a menu of activities to choose tasks that are quick and simple to do. This can help to make it easier to stay on track.

In addition, to promote physical fitness we have to work not only on endurance but also on strength and flexibility. When it comes to improving our language skills, we need to take into account:

  1. How to learn effectively
  2. The ins and outs of the language itself
  3. How to say the right thing at the right time.

These three factors are the focus of The Trunk, which will provide examples, explanations and exercises to help you reach the next level in Business English more easily.

Finally, getting feedback from a personal trainer can also help us to reach our fitness goals faster and to maintain our motivation.

The same holds for language training. As a language coach, I can help you work out your training programme, make an action plan and support you during your training. Just like keeping fit, training with a coach can be more productive and fun.

© 2015 Christina Wielgolawski