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How a traffic light can accelerate your progress in English

The SKS model is not only a tool for professional feedback, but can also be used to reflect on your English training.

SKS stands for stop, keep going and start.

Begin by thinking about what you’re already doing to improve your English for work.

What isn’t and what is working?


Is that tedious grammar book boring you to death?

Do you add new words to a long list that you never go over?

Do you plan to spend an hour on English every Sunday, yet never do and feel guilty?

These useless activities are your red traffic lights – you should stop wasting your time and energy on them.

Keep going

Is active copying helpful?

Are you listening to a work-related podcast in English?

Do you look forward to your weekly coffee break with your English-speaking colleague?

These fun and beneficial activities are your yellow traffic lights – you should keep going with them.

Now think about activities that you’re not doing.


Do you want to give speedwriting a go?

Is there a book you’d like to finally read in English?

Do you want to make mind maps to learn vocabulary more effectively?

These potential activities are your green traffic lights – you should choose one new activity to start doing for a while and see if it’s right for you.

Apply this traffic light test regularly to keep your English training on track.

Need ideas for activities? Send me an email.

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